Screening Procedures Checklist

For All New Volunteers

(To be completed by Team Leaders)

This completed checklist ensures that the procedures of the Child Protection Policy have been followed. It will be used to confirm screening clearance information between CEF San Gabriel Valley Chapter and individual club/ministry without duplicating the process. It also allows the confidentiality of the screening information to be maintained.

If you are still waiting for any of the steps, DO NOT CONTINUE until all paperwork and due process is complete.

For Adult Volunteers (age 18+)
A1) Background Checked (Completed within recent 5 years)
B1) LiveScan/Fingerprinted (Completed)

For Underage Volunteers (age 13-17)

A2) Church pastor's Reference Form (Received)
B2) Non-relative Reference Form (Received)

For ALL Volunteers
C) Worker's Compliance Agreement - WCA Form (Signed annually)
D) Face-To-Face/Phone Interviewed (Completed by Team Leader)
E) Photo ID Emailed to [email protected] (Driver License, Passport or Student ID)
F) Super Seminnar (Trained / Registered or CYIA Trained)

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