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Christ is the heart of every lesson!

CEF Bible lesson series offer a systematic approach to Bible teaching. As with all our curriculum, we seek to help children understand God's big story of redemption portrayed in the Bible. Though the lessons may focus on key biblical characters, we want the children to realize that God is the hero of every story!

There are three main components that together teach the concepts of each lesson: Bible lesson, memory verse, and Wonder Time. Occassionally a fourth required component, the Gospel spotlight, is taught. CEF curriculum writers chooses the best suited type and order for each week's lesson plan.

Below are some digital segments for you to see. If you'd like to learn more or see an actual curriculum series set in-person, please contact us.

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Exciting and New!!! CEF Curriculum in Chinese is now available in downloadables from CEFPress.com. Purchase instructions is the same as the English/Spanish curriculums. Feel free to contact us if you require any assistance. 中文教材訂購諮詢電話 (626) 445-5810

2022-2023 School Year Curriculum

CEF Good News Clubs around the world are teaching the theme of "Reigning" in the upcoming school year.

Four 6-Week Lesson Series

Each series includes five or six lessons based on a theme, character or book of the Bible. Biblically sound Gospel presentations and growth applications are built into each lesson. Resource Packs include many tools to enhance your teaching and extend your teaching time: printed out memory verse visuals, Word-Up cards , the main truth of the lesson, resource booklet with review games, reproducibles and mission teaching.

Series 1

Copyrighted ©2017

*Available in Chinese

Series 2

Copyrighted ©2018

*Available in Chinese

Series 3

Copyrighted ©2018

*Available in Chinese

Series 4

Copyrighted ©2018

Party Club Lessons

2023 Summer Ministry

Dinosaur Track
Fall Party

The Unforgettable Pumpkin Run
October Party

See the Light Shine
October Party

Wordless Book
Thanksgiving Party

Joy To The World
Christmas Party

*Available in Chinese

The Greatest Valentine
Valentine Party

Because God Loves You
Easter Party

*Available in Chinese

Sing about the King 4
Music CD

*If you're not using PPT in your teaching, song visuals will need to be purchased separately.

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