Super Seminar

Are you someone who agrees to take on the responsibility of teaching because of pressure or guilt?

Do you ever get frustrated with feelings of being incompetent or inadequate to teach?

Good teachers do not just mysteriously appear—they must be trained, nurtured and developed.

The Lord Jesus Christ devoted much of His earthly ministry to training others. He knew that if His disciples were to be adequate for the task before them, they would need to be trained—their skills and abilities developed.

What kind of training do teachers need? They need the basics—lesson preparation, how to lead a child to Christ, discipline in the classroom, etc. They also need ongoing training and resources so they can continue to grow and develop as teachers. The resource of ideas on teaching missions, music, memory work and review time will encourage your teachers’ creativity.

The Super Seminar is a proven tool to assist you in supplying both the basic and ongoing training teachers need. As the name suggests, topics covered in the Super Seminars range widely with the intention to creating a well-rounded teacher, such as Evangelism, Child Study, Teaching God's Word, Class Hour, and Discipleship.

Super Seminars are usually offered three times a year on the third Saturday of January, June/July and September. No pre-requisite is required.

Upcoming Super Seminar

Date: Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Time: 9:30AM - 3:30PM

Format: In-Person Only

Location: Evangelical Formosan Church of Arcadia
225 E Live Oak Ave, Arcadia, CA 91006

Registration Deadline: Saturday, July 13th, 2024

Cost: $20 (Training Materials, Facility Rental, Refreshment, etc.)

Option #1. Pay Online towards "Super Seminar Tuition (Non-tax deductible)"

Option #2. Via Zelle.

Option #3. Pay at the door by cash/check on the day of the training.

Workshop Itinerary

9:30AM Welcome ⎜About US⎜What is a GNC/JYC

10:30AM Songs: Music with Meaning⎜IPEAR Method⎜Foundations for Life: Memory Verse

11:30AM Life-Changing Evangelistic Bible Lessons: MOS Symbols⎜Wordless Book

12:15PM LUNCH Break

12:30PM Refresher Team Members Join (2nd Half)

12:45PM 1,2,3 Jesus Loves Me

1:30PM Counseling Practice

2:30PM CEF Policy⎜In-House Training Guide

3:30PM Website overview & practical instructions for clubs

The course that is really valuable… as I can see and learning  the visual illustrations of how to lead the children to salvation and how to apply and learn more from the Holy Spirit to guide me and give me more horizon to learn to interact with the save and the unsaved children.  More power to God and giving us the power and opportunity to reach them out. Amen.
Past Super Seminar Participant
I felt the whole seminar was vaulable to not only apply at Good News Club but also for me personally to apply during Sunday school in our Children's Ministry! It had a lot of good advice and insight and I am really glad I attended!
2022 Fall Super Seminar Participant

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