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An Overview Of Our Training Programs

CEF San Gabriel Valley Chapter provides training to equip the Church to evangelize and disciple children with the Word of God.

Teaching Children Effectively™

  • Level 1 - An innovative 30-hour course designed to equip local church members with a fresh approach to evangelizing and teaching today's child.
  • Level 2 - This 30-hour course is designed to help you disciple the Christian child.
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Super Seminars 

Numerous Dynamic Training Sessions for Children's Workers presented by local CEF staff or trained volunteers.  Super Seminars, as the name suggests, provide a variety of classes for those interested in ministering to children.  Topics range widely from discipleship to prayer to preschoolers, creating a well-rounded teacher.  Please contact us to acquire for further details. 

Children's Ministries Institute ®

A unique institute with one primary focus: practical training in children’s ministries to impact the next generation. If you have a heart for reaching children for Christ and discipling them, CMI is just what you are looking for. Online resources include demonstrations, seminars, and courses that provide biblical, practical instruction on a variety of topics. 

Visit the Children's Ministries Institute website for more information.

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Christian Youth In Action ®

GO!!! Transform your summer!!!

Become a fully equipped summer missionary (age 13+) sharing the gospel and reaching the lost in your community. A week of training at a beautiful Southern California Univeristy Campus. You won't want to miss this exciting opportunity...check it out! 

Teacher Training

Are you part of a church or preschool's staff?

Ask us about CEF's proven methods of how to effectively evangelize and disciple children, and see the whole church family become involved.

We have a large selection of teaching materials available. If you are interested in a complete listing, please contact us for more information.

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