5-Day Club Host Instructions

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Host Sign-up will reopen in February 2023!

If you have any quesitons, please email Summer Ministry Coordinator, Merci Rusli, directly.

Statistics show that 85% of all who accept Christ do so between the ages of four and fourteen.

Your decision to have a 5-Day Club in your neighborhood will benefit those children who otherwise would never hear about Jesus Christ, and know how much God loves them. For those children who go to church, the club will promote growth in their Christian walk.

Your Club will be held for five consecutive days, 1 1⁄2 hour each day. Children will hear Bible stories, sing songs, learn Bible verses, listen to a missionary story and hear the Gospel clearly presented.

Some ideas to encourage the students for attendance and participation during the game segments are providing extra goodies, gift cards or treats (individually wrapped snacks are highly recommended).

Our 5-Day Club® teachers go out in faith that God will provide their needs. 

Your free-will gift of any amount would be greatly appreciated.  

Please be in prayer now for your teacher and the children that will be coming to your Club.

It's easy to become a 5-Day Club Host!

Step 1: Complete the Online Background Check Process (Mandatory for New Host, and once every 5 years for a returning host)

Step 2: Sign a Worker's Compliance Agreement (Mandatory for All Hosts)

Step 3: Fill out the 5-Day Club Host Registration Form. (Sign-up will reopen in February 2023 for next summer.)

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Step 4: Follow the 5-Day Club Host Checklist step by step to ensure a successful club.