Duties & Instructions for Fair Workers


  • Enlists Fair workers and conducts Fair training for all serving in the fair.
  • Responsible for seeing that all is in readiness for the day.
  • Makes sure the booth remains adequately manned at all times.
  • Assists story tellers and outside workers. (hosts and hostesses)
  • Totals all records for the day, then adds it to the tally sheet (on clipboard located in the booth).
  • Make sure the booth is cleaned up and properly closed at night.
  • Check supplies needed for the next day and notify the State Office if supplies are inadequate.


  • Stand in front of the booth. But don't block the door. Not far out in the street. The Fair restricts us from going too far outside the booth. The objective is to invite the children into the booth to hear the gospel. If a parent is with the child ask the parent's permission for the child to enter the booth and invite them in as well. DO NOT ALLOW PEOPLE TO COME AND VISIT IN THE BOOTH AND TAKE UP VALUABLE TIME. Be sure someone is manning the inviting post at all times so as not to miss any children going by due to your visiting. This job is for those unafraid of asking people in. BE ENTHUSIASTIC! SMILE! Pray while you see people coming. There are brochures and info request forms outside if someone has a question about CEF.
  • Invite them in! To the children - "The story is about to begin...!", or "How about coming in to hear a wonderful Bible story?" Only takes 8 minutes!! To teens - "Good News For You," “the best news you will ever hear!” etc. This works for adults also.
  • USE A PUPPET OR BUBBLE GUN to invite children into the booth. It is perfectly alright to add tothe thrill of the fair. If you desire to do something like that be sure they know they will hear a story not a puppet play.
  • OUR PRIMARY AIM - is for the children to hear the story. Those who invite have first contact with thechildren. Make it pleasant. If parents are there, let them know they are welcome to join theirchildren and the story will take about 8 minutes.
  • GET NAMES and addresses of adults interested in CEF on information request cards provided.


  • Greet the children as they come into the booth, and then proceed to tell the story for 8-10 minutes.
  • Use the WORDLESS BOOK story ONLY to present a clear message of the gospel.
  • Give the invitation to receive Christ.
  • Encourage them to pray to God IF they are believing in Christ as Savior for the first time.
  • Give them the handouts provided.
  • Fill out the record sheet after each story told.Don’t wait until the end of your shift!!!
  • Total your record sheet when you leave the booth and place it in the record box.
  • Share any interesting stories of the children with State Office. These stories are always needed.


  • Be neat and well dressed. Shorts are OK. Modesty is the issue. Ladies, if wearing a skirt, make sure that it covers your knees when you are seated and your top is not revealing anything... Wear a Good News Club or CYIA T-shirt if you have one.
  • Do not entertain friends while on duty; spend time with them when your assignment is over.
  • Do not use the booth for storage. The space is needed for supplies and workers items.
  • Do not argue doctrine or promote a particular church or denomination while at the booth.
  • Do not give anything out that is not cleared with the CEF State Office. There are certain restrictions while we are at the fair, we cannot do things that would conflict with other vendors such as giving away things that others sell during the fair. We have sent a sample of all the things that are given away at the booth to the Fair Office; they will expect us to hold to our plans.
  • Do not be late. Please be on time for your assigned period. And if possible, be a little early so the worker you are relieving will have time to give any needed information. REMEMBER... Allow plenty of time for parking and walking to the booth.
  • Maintain a good Christian witness at all times. You are there first of all, to represent the Lord Jesus Christ. Secondly, you represent Child Evangelism Fellowship. The Gospel is to be presented in its clearest form in the wordless book presentation and handouts.
  • Keep the booth as neat and clean as possible. Keep literature in neat piles.


  • UNTRAINED PEOPLE! We have had many people in the booth who absolutely did not know what to do! This must not happen. You can avoid this through good training for them!
  • A less than enthusiastic "out front" person. The person inviting the children in must be on guard All the time. This is key to good attendance in the booth. Invite families with the kids.
  • Children have invited as well as told the story in the booth...This is not wise. Discipline problems, a lack of respect, and many other issues arise. All those who are assigned a spot in the booth need to be a CYIA’er or at least in high school or older. A child may help an adult playing with the bubbles or puppets...only in addition to scheduled worker.
  • Teens inviting only teens into the booth are another problem. When one teen was asked why she did this, she said she felt more comfortable. We are "Child Evangelism Fellowship!!!!"
  • Fill in the tally sheet at the end of the day!!! We need to do this because keeping on top of the figures saves a lot of headaches for us. Some teachers took report sheets home and we never did get a correct count. Please do not take the report sheets home!