The Books of The Bible

By QuaranTunes

GENESIS, The beginning of days

EXODUS, God’s people were slaves

He gave them His law in LEVITICUS

In NUMBERS they wandered in the wilderness

DEUTERONOMY, blessings or curse

Five books of Moses are the first

They’re called the Law, now let’s see

The 12 books of Israel’s history

JOSHUA conquered the Promised Land

JUDGES, seven cycles of sin

RUTH, she was a Moabite

Until Boaz saw her and made her his wife

FIRST SAMUEL, Saul was king

SECOND SAMUEL, David reigned

FIRST KINGS, The nation was split

SECOND KINGS, Babylon conquered it

FIRST and SECOND CHRONICLES retell the history of Israel

EZRA taught the captives God’s ways

NEHEMIAH built the wall in 52 days

ESTHER was queen of the land

Delivering the Jews from Haman’s  hand

History’s done, and now it’s time for 5 books of poetry that don’t even rhyme

JOB is about great suffering

PSALMS are songs that we pray and sing

PROVERBS has daily wisdom for you

When you don’t know what to do

ECCLESIASTES, the meaning of life

SONG OF SOLOMON, husband and wife

That’s the books of poetry

Now it’s time for prophecy

ISAIAH said that Jesus would come

JEREMIAH, “here comes Babylon!”

LAMENTATIONS, poor Jerusalem

EZEKIEL, the temple will be built again

DANIEL saw kingdoms rise and fall

HOSEA, love is unconditional

JOEL’s about the Day of the Lord

AMOS, David’s tent will be restored

OBADIAH had a word for the Edomites

JONAH ran away from the Ninevites

MICAH, “Walk humbly with your God.”

NAHUM, “Ninevah will be judged.”

HABAKKUK questioned what God would do

ZEPHANIAH, the Day of the Lord Part 2

HAGGAI, ZECHARIAH, MALACHI rebuild the temple and give a tithe


The Gospels tell what Christ has done

ACTS tells how the Gospel was spread

ROMANS is the road to righteousness

FIRST CORINTHIANS don’t be sinful

SECOND CORINTHIANS, Paul the apostle

GALATIANS, Christ has set us free

EPHESIANS is our new identity

PHILIPPIANS, joy and humility

COLOSSIANS, the mystery of Christ in me

FIRST THESSALONIANS, a faithful life


FIRST TIMOTHY, “My son in the faith.”

SECOND TIMOTHY finish the race

TITUS, how to pastor a church

PHILEMON, forgiving when you’ve been hurt

HEBREWS shows why Jesus is best

JAMES says faith without works is dead

FIRST PETER teaches a holy life

SECOND PETER, suffering for doing what’s right

FIRST JOHN God is light and love

SECOND JOHN - love and

THIRD JOHN - love...

JUDE says, for the faith contend

REVELATION tells us how it all ends… how it all ends!