International Youth Day

#August Newsletter

Dear CEF® San Gabriel Valley Family and Friends,

It is truly wonderful to witness how God uses the young people in this year's Christian Youth In Action (CYIA) Summer Ministry. He has moved the hearts of many church partners and CEF friends who generously opened up their churches and private homes to host ten 5-Day Club Summer Ministries. Thus far, the Gospel has reached 133 children and 25 of those professed their faith in the Lord as their personal Savior. Over the next two weeks, there are still three more online clubs in partnership with Action International Ministries for Project "Pag-Asa" (Tagalog language word meaning "Hope") in Philippines.

Let's hear what our CYIAers have to say:

"For 6 years I have been waiting for the day that I could join CYIA like my Mom and sisters. When I started I was eager to start my training.  As I was going through the training I learned to study hard and listen well. And after that I got to show my work and study by teaching a 5 day club of my own.CYIA was a great experience for me and I hope to do it again next year." - Joshua Mainit (Age 13), 1st Year CYIA Summer Missionary

“I wanted to know more of CYIA, inspired by young people’s commitment during the Summer, and I learned a bigger scope of CEF.” -Joyce Lim, 1st Year CYIA Summer Missionary

“It’s cool to see the kids have fun, how they change from day one, and from accepting Jesus as their Savior.” -Li-Ahn Gabriel (Age 13), 1st Year CYIA Summer Missionary

“I like the curriculum, lots of studying, difficult, and God revealed to me how much He loved the world.” - Austin Pelayo (Age 16), 1st Year CYIA Summer Missionary

“My mom has been doing GNC since 2013 and the first year was out of my comfort zone, but second year taught me about prayer, I pray for my team and the children.” - Janine Lobo (Age 16), 2nd Year CYIA Summer Missionary

“I thank God for the opportunity to share the Gospel and it is a privilege." - Toni Lobo, 2nd Year CYIA Summer Missionary

"My name is Gizel Mainit and I have done CYIA for 4 years. My first year of doing CYIA was not my choice. My mom was going and wanted to take me along, I went just to obey my mom. In all honesty, I had no desire to be there. However, after I led my first child to salvation, my mindset changed. I wanted to go to CYIA until I graduated as a 5th year student. Every year that I have attended CYIA has been such a blessing and has helped me grow with my relationship with Jesus. CYIA has not only helped my relationship with God grow, but also my confidence as a teacher. Now I am in college studying to become an elementary school teacher. Without CYIA, I would have never known that I had such a deep passion to teach kids. Lord willing, I plan to go this upcoming year for my 5th year!!" - Gizel Mainit, 4th Year CYIA Summer Missionary

As the summer ministry wraps up, the teaching team at CEF San Gabriel Valley Chapter looks forward to the planning of 2021-2022 School Year's outreach ministriesTogether, we purpose to reach more boys and girls for Christ, serve alongside local churches, and train new workers. CEF San Gabriel Valley Chapter would like to invite you to join our team!

"Cultural changes have affected the communication methods needed to reach the current generation with the Gospel of Christ. In the past, most children, even unchurched children, knew something about God and His Word. That is no longer the case. Only four percent of teens in the Generation Z cohort claim a biblical worldview. This fact makes it essential for those who minister to children to grow in their awareness of the culture of Generation Z children. More than ever, this is the reason why CEF exists for the urgency to reach this generation now." - Ms. Faith Dugan, Director of the Children’s Ministries Institute (CMI) in Warrenton, Missouri

God is on the move, and we all have the awesome privilege of being part of His good work. Will you join us in praising Him for this honor?