God of Impossibilities


YTD Stats (Sept-Nov 2021)
Gospel reached to 676 children
(112 professions of faith)

Spring Super Seminar
Date: Saturday, January 22, 2021
Time: 9:30AM - 4:00PM

Start raise your expectations today!
Challenge God on His promises!
Be bold and claim them!

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Pen-Pal with Kenya Good News Club

Children in Stanton Elementary School Good News Club has started a pen-pal writing project with children of a Good News Club in Nairobi Kenya. If you or the children's ministry at your church is interested in joining in the project, please contact us at [email protected] for more details.

He faileth not, for He is God;
He faileth not, His grace how good!
He faileth not, His Word is clear;
If we have God, whom need we fear?

The highest mount, He can make plain;
The wildest flood, He can restrain!
God of Impossibilities!
Poor puny man, now learn His ways.

The axe did swim on Jordan’s wave!
Our God the Red Sea’s waters clave!
He stopped the sun! made long the day!
This is the God to whom we pray.

He bars the sea with feeble sand!
The proud waves bow at His command!
If God is thine, what more your need?
Can He not work for you indeed?

Our God is love; your needs are known;
His promises He’ll fully own.
Our gracious God bows down His ear
The feeblest, weakest cry to hear.

Our God is light, and never yet,
One promise did He e’er forget.
His promises in Christ the Son
Are fully pledged, Yea and Amen.

Our faithful God, faith cannot break,
Nor death, nor hell, His promise shake!
Who ask in faith, He’ll not deny;
His Word is sure, He must reply.

He faileth not, let all men hear;
He faileth not, His Word is clear.
He faileth not, His grace how good;
He faileth not, for He is God!