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The Ice Cream Message (JYC1)

Dear JYC and Parents,

This past Tuesday was our Ice Cream Social, where the students of Newton Middle

School were able to enjoy a tasty treat, companionship, games, and hear the message

of the Gospel. The message given this week was on Romans 5:8, and around 15

students attended! We played biblical charades and ate some ice cream as well, and

we challenged other students to come back next Tuesday and to bring their friends.

While ice cream and friendships are good, the Good News is much greater, since it

shows us that God loved us by Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for our sins. In John

15:13, Jesus tells us that ““Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down

his life for his friends.” In scripture we are reminded that “God shows His love for us in

that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Jesus’s love melts the cold heart of

ice, and transforms it into a heart of living waters.

Our True Savior and True Friend is Jesus Christ, because He comes from the kingdom

of heaven, yet honors and loves the lowest on earth, even those who are despised and

rejected by their own friends and family. If we come to believe in him, and that He truly

loves us and forgives us of our sins, then we will be able to rejoice on the day that He

returns, but if we reject the Truth, the Way, and the Life, then we reject Christ and His

offer of eternal life. So, look towards Christ and hope and pray for the truth to set us


Thank you all for coming to the Ice Cream Social, and we hope to see you Tuesdays at

room B-5 @ 2:30-3:45! God bless you all!

We also wanted to include some information on the overview for the coming year!

Below is a summary of the Table of Contents from the JYC lesson book that our

students will be learning throughout this year.

The first lesson asks the most important question: “Why follow Jesus?”

From there, the students will learn about the life of Peter, and how he was changed by

the Lord, and become acquainted with his own failures and victories.

Afterwards, they will delve into the life of John, who was a devoted follower of Jesus.

Later, they will examine the life of Judas, whose life ended on the road of ruin.

They will then look into the life of Andrew, and how he brought others to Jesus and

shared the message of the Gospel.

They will acquire understanding from the life of Mary, and how she was freed from sin,

and how God empowered her to serve.

Finally, they will discover how to be a true follower of the Lord!

- Submitted By Derrick Ma