Alleged Child Abuse Report (R-9)


For use only when CEF volunteer or staff is suspected. See Protecting Today's Child (PTC) Manual. Reporting Suspected Child Abuse.

Protecting Today's Child Manual - Reporting Suspected Child Abuse by a CEF Worker

1.A volunteer who suspects abuse must report the suspicion to the state director and comply with legally mandated reporting requirements.
a.All observed suspicious or inappropriate behavior taking place during ministry activities must be reported immediately to the local CEF director.
b.If abuse of a child or minor is suspected by anyone in CEF ministry, it must be reported to the local director, Edeliza Mainit, at (562) 810-5342 immediately.

2.Local director contact state director for direction.

3.State director shall:
a.Take all allegations seriously.
b.Call USA Ministries at (636-456-4321, ext. 5510) within 24 hours of the time that the incident becomes known. USA will give instructions for next step.
c.See that the CEF USA Worker - Alleged Child Abuse Report R-9 (in the OPM) is completed and forwarded to [email protected].
d.Keep a record of all telephone calls and correspondence.
e.Comply with all legal, mandated reporting requirements.
f.Gather all CPP records, screening forms, etc. of the accused.
g.In the event of press inquiries, refer inquirers to USA Ministries (636-456-4321, ext. 5510).

Any person suspected of abuse must be removed immediately from duties until USA Ministries concludes an investigation.

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