Transportation Form

While the COVID-19 crisis continues, where schools are not allowing after-school activities, transportation for students to Good News Club / 5-Day Club is permissible under the following conditions.

Conditions that must be met to transport students:

  • The state board and local committee agree to the arrangement.
  • The chapter and state have sufficient vehicle and liability insurance.
  • The CEF Child Protection Policy must be followed especially having two adults present. Adults must be screened according to the policy.
  • Drivers must have a valid and appropriate class driver’s license.

Parents sign a permission slip for transportation in addition to a GNC/JYC/5-DC registration form. 

Methods that can be used to transport children from school to a GNC/JYC/5-DC at church or other location:

  • Church vehicles (buses or vans)
  • CEF owned vehicles
  • Commercial transportation, such as a private bus service
  • Private vehicles (The vehicle owner's insurance will be the primary insurance)

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