Planning for a GNC/JYC Club
(Team Resources)

Planning starts in March! Don't wait until August!

Jesus says we are to be salt and light in the world. Our attitude about how things are managed speaks volumes.

Q: How do I know if my volunteer's CPP Certified Until Date?
A: Check the records on this Google Sheet:
Complete SPC Records

Q: What is the requirement for visitors?
A: Since the club is technically open to the public, parents can observe the club without being background checked or filling out any paperwork. However, they cannot participate in the club at all (no passing out snacks, greeting the kids, etc.). They have to just sit in the back to observe. With that being said, this should only be for a week or two.

If someone who's not a parent wants to observe a club, the visitor will need to be pre-approved by the director, and they should be background checked even if they were to visit one-time. (There is a $15 payment cost required at the end of the application).

If they want to become a regular volunteer, then a LiveScan is required.

Q: Which website link do I send to a potential volunteer?

Screening Procedures Checklist (SPC)

For Adult Volunteers (age 18+)

A) Worker's Compliance Agreement (Required Annually)

B) LiveScan (Required Once Every 5 Years)

- Make a $25 payment to the chapter

- then send proof of payment to the Team Leader and to the office admin via Email [email protected] to request for a Pre-Paid Code

- follow the instruction to book your LiveScan appointment

C) Super Seminar (3rd Saturday of January, June/July & September)

For Underage Volunteers (age 13-17)

A) Worker's Compliance Agreement (Required Annually)

B1) Church Pastor's Reference Form

B2) Non-relative Reference Form

C) Super Seminar (3rd Saturday of January, July & September)

Each volunteer needs to complete from item #A-C. It only takes one non-compliant volunteer to jeopardize the entire global organization to get shut down.

(March - April) Before current school year GNC/JYC is over ...

Step 1: Encourage current team members to attend the ALL Volunteer Appreciation & Annual GNC/JYC Planning on Saturday, April 6, 2024 @ 2:00PM - 4:00PM.

Step 2: Start dialogue with current team members about returning in the fall season; get a verbal commitment if you can.

Step 3: Recruit new team members & encourage sign-up for Summer Super Seminar on the 3rd Saturday of July.

Step 4: Start dialogue with current school principals and teachers about returning in the fall season.

Sometimes the current year principals might move to a different school, and they wouldn't know who the new principal until later, but it's always good to be in the knows of the Facility Use Permit Request submission start dates/deadlines.

Another interesting observation is that if a teacher from that school is willing to sponsor and submit your facility use request, facility use permit fees may be waived. This varies from school to school, so please do not insist on this.

Find out as much as you can about school calendar, bell schedule, flyer distribution method, back-to-school night, Facility Use Application process/approval timeline.

✅ All in all, contact the school district before the school year ends to ensure you have a clear understanding of how the facility use permit application process works and the important dates of when the district staff takes off for summer break/earliest time for taking after-school program application for fall.

(May-June) 12 Weeks Before Club Starts

Step 5: Confirm committment from team members (Minimum 3+ for existing in-person clubs / 5-7 for any new clubs)

Once every 5 years, encourage current team members to take the Super Seminar Refresher on the 3rd Saturday of January/July/September.**

Step 6: Find out about School District Calendar for next school year to plan out your club meeting/non-meeting dates. Feel free to use the Season Schedule (Template) to help you figure out the dates. Find out when the Back-To-School Night is. You may check online or call the school office. Also very important, find out how parents learn about after-school programs for your club's school, ie. PeachJar, ParentsSquare, etc.

Confirm with the School District/School Principal about Facility Use Request process; Set Up Club Schedule as per School District Calendar.

(July) 10 Weeks Before Club Starts

Step 7: Fill out School Club Information Form Part 1 (Club Info)

Be sure to list the names of all confirmed and potential volunteers so the office knows when his/her volunteer application/background screening information is received.

Step 8: Acquire Insurance Certificate and review Student Registration Online Form and Draft Flyer Design from the chapter admin.

Step 9: Submit your Facility Use Permit Application Request Form to the School District Facility Planning & Management Department; Once the permit is approved, pay the required fee. Email an approved permit to CEF Chapter Office ([email protected])

📣 GET THE WORD OUT TODAY! Start the student recruitment process ASAP!

(Early August) 8 Weeks Before Club Starts

✅ Plan for setting up a GNC/JYC Booth to distribute flyers on the Back-To-School Night.

📣 You can't get the word out too often! Escalate the student recruitment effort. GNC/JYC might be the only time many kids will ever have to hear the Good News in a way they can understand. Make sure every child is invited to come and learn about Jesus. Most people need to hear the announcement more than once.

  • Check with Principal to see if paper permission slips may be made avaialble to parents who might not have a computer/smartphone.
  • Take flyers to area churches (especially the volunteers churches) and ask them to give them out to kids at their church who attend tht school, so those kids can be sharing them with their friends at school before club starts.
  • Pass out flyers on the public sidewalks surrounding the school
  • Try to participate in any school or PTA-sponsored events where after-school programs are promoted

(Mid-August) 6 Weeks Before Club Starts

If a team member is not listed on your School Club Information - Part 1 (Club Info), please notify our office administrator as soon as you know the new/potential team member's name.

As per CEF Child Protection Policy, every team member must complete the Worker's Compliance Agreement (WCA) Form and LiveScanned before working or interacting with children! And only those who have completed the above are covered by CEF’s liability insurance. If he/she is not on our record, he/she is neither authorized by CEF nor by school district to participate at a club!!! This is a great liability issue!!! Any neligence or failure in compliance is ground for GNC/JYC Club termination!!!

Step 10: Ensure EVERYONE is in compliance as per CEF Child Protection Policy Requirement!

For Adult Volunteers (age 18+)
A1) Worker's Compliance Agreement (WCA) Form (Signed annually)
B1) LiveScan/Fingerprinted (Cost: $25)
C) Super Seminar

[Fingerprinting is mandatory for all volunteers as of NOV 2023]

Contact our Chapter Admin today to receive a non-transferable Payment Code specifically assigned to you before booking an appointment at a CEF designated LiveScan facility. The cost is $25 per person paid to CEFSGV.

For Underage Volunteers (age 13-17)

A1) Worker's Compliance Agreement - WCA Form (Signed annually)
B1) Church pastor's Reference Form (Once only)  
B2) Non-relative Reference Form (Once only)
C) Super Seminar

Step 11: Confirm Team Building and Training (TB&T) schedule

Step 12: Order the Curriculums and Materials

(September) 4 Weeks Before Club Starts

When a student registration form is received in your email, please reply to the parent within 24 hours to confirm their child's enrollment in your club.

In your confirmation & welcome email to parents, you should include:

  • Club meeting day/time, location & room #
  • Club meeting start and stop dates and school holidays when the club will not be meeting
  • Pick-up Instructions
  • Team contact information

✅ For your team members, the Team Leader should make sure all required Background Checks and Worker's Compliance Agreements are signed and approved before coming to club.

The following needs to be prepared and distributed to the team members:

  • Prepare Season Schedule (club meeting and non-meeting dates)
  • Prepare Schedule of Events (teaching roster)
  • Prepare Name Tags for In-Person Clubs
  • Prepare Sign-in & Sign-out Sheet (This weekly student roster/attendance sheet is to be submitted to the chapter office at the end of the school year.)

If your team is interested in purchasing CEF/GNC swags. We recommend TLC Apparels, an external company with the USA Ministry approval to use the CEF & GNC trademarks on the products. Our chapter has no association with this company. This is where some of our members order their GNC t-shirts from if you need it.

Last but not least, Good News Club Quick-Start Online Training is tailored to the needs of new Good News Club teachers or teachers who want further training to sharpen their skills or review what they have learned from our chapter's Super Seminar In-Person Training. To enroll in this online training, please contact us for the complimentary access code.

(October - April) AFTER THE CLUB STARTS ...

  • When clubbers come through the door / checked in online, backpacks are stowed away, name-tags are received, and they are immediately engaged in an activity or small group
  • Team members are ready and on-time to start, to move through transition and to close the club session with order
  • When disruptions occur, there are positive, appropriate responses to keep the clubbers engaged in the lesson
  • A record of attendance, sign-in & sign-out is kept weekly for clubbers and team members via Ministry Reporting Application (MRA)
  • Each club MUST include: Bible Lesson, Wonder Time, Memory Verse, Invitation, and Songs (Gospel Spotlight if available)
  • Encourage the kids to invite their classmates by awarding an incentive to every child who brings a friend, and to a friend as well
  • Send out E-announcements if your club takes a break
  • Follow up with kids who've been absent; send lesson recap emails after club
  • Send out weekly lesson recap blogs links in your emails

Key things to Remember

  • A club meeting CANNOT be canceled!
  • You CANNOT skip dates after your club is running!
  • Send notices of the dates the club isn't meeting and the start/stop dates of the club!
  • Have a plan for releasing the kids!

If your team members ever feel like they need a refresher or a further study after their Super Seminar training, be sure to utilize the Good News Club Quick-Start Online Training as a resource.

Once again, attending Team Building & Training (TB&T) sessions in your area is mandatory for EVERY team member. If anyone cannot make it, it's important for them to also make alternative arrangement with the missionary coordinator.

(March - April) Before current school year GNC/JYC is over ...

Encourage current team members to invite their family, friends and church leaders to attend the ALL Volunteer Appreciation Event on each year's last Saturday of April. Details and RSVP links will be posted on our EVENTS page and sent to you via email in March.

Start dialogue with current team members about returning in the fall season; get a verbal committment if you can.

✅ Recruit new team members & encourage sign-up for Summer Super Seminar on the 3rd Saturday of June/July.

Start dialogue with current school principals and teachers about returning in the fall season.

✅ Contact the school district's facility planning & permit department before the school year ends to ensure you have a clear understanding of how the facility use permit application process works.

(April-May) After Club Ends...

Submit the below records to the chapter office:

  • Ensure all student registration forms submitted online latest by May 15.
  • Weekly Sign-In/Sign-Out Sheets (Approx. 26 paper sheets or one scanned pdf file) before end of May.

✅ Attend Volunteer Appreciation & Annaul TL&AC Meeting on Saturday, April 27, 2024 @ 2:00PM - 4:00PM.